Hosted by Charles Lowell, Taras Mankovski on April 11th, 2019.

Joe joins the panelists to talk about pull request etiquette.

Joe Leblanc: Joe first learned to code on a Zenith computer his dad brought home from work. It had this built in blue LCD monitor and ran on 5 1/4" floppy disks. He used spreadsheets for work and Joe was interested. They spent about an hour going over macros together and he took off from there. Long after the Zenith died, the open-source content management system Joomla! landed in the center of his attention. Joe found himself writing a book about Joomla programming, authoring video tutorials about Joomla for, giving Joomla talks, and helping organize Joomla conferences.

Since his time in the Joomla community, he's picked up Node, Rails, React, and other frameworks. He's currently coding at True Link Financial and working on a few hobby-projects as well.

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This show was produced by Mandy Moore, aka @therubyrep of DevReps, LLC.


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