Hosted by Charles Lowell, Taras Mankovski on May 2nd, 2019.

Luke Melia, Aaron Chambers, and Mattia Gheda john Taras and Charles to discuss all things deployment!

Luke Melia: Luke has been working with Ember since it was under early development as Sproutcore 2.0. Ember.js powers a SaaS company he co-founded, Yapp, and they funded their business for a couple of years doing Ember consulting under the Yapp Labs moniker. They’re full-time on product now, and his engineering team at Yapp (currently 3 people) maintains around 6 Ember apps. Luke helps to maintain a bunch of popular addons, including ember-cli-deploy, ember-modal-dialog, ember-wormhole, ember-tether, and more. He started the Ember NYC meetup in 2012 and continues to co-organize it today.

Aaron Chambers: Aaron Chambers: Aaron is the co-author of EmberCLI Deploy and is currently an Engineer at Phorest Salon Software, helping them move their desktop product to the web platform. He's been using Ember for 5 years and maintains a number of plugins in the EmberCLI Deploy ecosystem. Aaron loves trying to work out how we can ship JS apps faster, more reliably and with more confidence.

Mattia Gheda: Mattia is a Software Engineer, Ember hacker, Ruby lover and Elixir aficionado. Currently he works as Director of Development for Precision Nutrition where Ember, Ruby and Elixir power several applications. He loves meetups, organizes Ember.js Toronto and co-organizes Elixir Toronto.


Please join us in these conversations! If you or someone you know would be a perfect guest, please get in touch with us at Our goal is to get people thinking on the platform level which includes tooling, internalization, state management, routing, upgrade, and the data layer.

This show was produced by Mandy Moore, aka @therubyrep of DevReps, LLC.


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