We've been bringing predictability to application development since 2005.

Every member of our team has significant experience in application platforms. From day one, you’ll get practical guidance on how to navigate interactions between frameworks like React, Angular, Ember, and more—all from specialists who have experienced similar challenges firsthand.

Each of our technical leaders has10-20 years of experiencein frontend engineering.

Our approach to frontend isFramework AgnosticWe find the right fit for each case.

Our values

Future ready solutions

We help our clients move with confidence by taking decisions that prepare them for the future. We are mindful of the implications each choice will have today and tomorrow.

Development Experience

We believe in empowering engineers with the right tools and setup for a delightful and productive development experience. This includes a robust test strategy that will allow everyone to keep moving nimbly.

Constant Learning/Teaching

We are constantly learning the new developments on our ecosystem and pushing them forward. We also share all the knowledge we can with our clients and community.

Our team

  • Charles Lowell

    Charles has been delivering bullet-proof software for over 18 years. An avid contributor to open source, he founded the Frontside in 2005 to help businesses deliver game-changing user interfaces to their customers.

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  • Jeffrey Cherewaty

    Jeffrey is a seasoned designer/developer who likes creating thoughtfully designed apps in the browser. At Frontside, Jeffrey prides himself on shipping beautiful, livable code that solves real business problems.

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  • Taras Mankovski

    Taras is equal part developer, mentor and business person. Since starting to work in the web industry 12 years ago, he helped many developers start and grow careers as frontend engineers

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  • Robbie Pitts

    Robbie has been developing for the web since he was 12. He enjoys solving hard coding problems and is always looking for ways to improve developer ergonomics and efficiency.

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Get in touch with one of our technical leaders to discover how our expertise can bring value to your organization.

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Open Source

We strive to nourish the JavaScript ecosystem with libraries and tools to empower developers to build better platforms on the web.


Immutable state primitives for building domain specific models that work equally well in all frameworks.

Big Test

Functional testing toolchain to create test suites that support testing applications consisting of multiple frameworks in a single application.


A package-based, web-centric, customizable, awesome-by-default, acceptance-tested Emacs distribution.


Haskell typeclasses and functional primitives for JavaScript


Reach out if you have feedback or questions about our projects, or just want to talk about open source.

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