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Reactive Modeling with Ember

Anyone can build great UI. There is no technology to master, only a way of thinking.

– Me in ancient Greece, presumably.

The best user interfaces are the ones that need no documentation. They are intuitive, and by the very act of using them, they...

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Programming in the Wild West

Much like revisiting a neighborhood from my youth, when I reflect on my scant few years in software I’m astonished at how much has changed.

This might have also struck you at some point. Perhaps you were even a pioneer in your community’s wild west...

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A Sprinkling of Ember

Ember isn’t just for huge ambitious single-page web applications. It’s actually really easy to sprinkle over your static or server-side-rendered web page to add just a little bit of functionality.

You can even use it in a blog. A blog like this...

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Ember and the future of the web

If you know me, you know it’s easy to get me talking about Ember.js. A year ago, I was deeply skeptical of developing client-side applications. Now, after spending a year shipping production applications in Ember, I believe that client-side apps represent...

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Ember on Rails: #REALTALK

If you work in Rails and have ever wondered about Ember.js, you should know that Ember and Rails go together like Nutella and pretzels. (Which is to say, quite well indeed.)

Get an inside look of the experience of going from having never tried Ember...

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The Ruby Racer Rides Again

It began during RailsConf.

My fingers were itching to code, so between sessions I started tinkering with some of the more fanciful enhancements to The Ruby Racer I’d been contemplating as well as wrestling with a number of long-standing bugs. But...

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The Ruby Racer isn't threadsafe... yet.

In which I explain problems unique to running The Ruby Racer in a multithreaded environment, which users are affected by these problems, and what is to be done for them.

UPDATE: This issue has been resolved with version 0.9.1. You should be able...

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What it takes to bring Ruby to Jenkins

“Jenkins Ruby Plugins” are at an important, yet fragile stage of their life. Over the past several months, we have made tremendous progress towards making extending Jenkins with nothing but Ruby a blissful reality. However, at this moment, they exist...

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