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The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development

My man Stephen Tobolowsky lays down the conjoined triangles.

“This actually makes me feel less confident about my role here. If we can’t define what we think senior is, how am I supposed to know if I’m working toward it?”

At Frontside, we gather...

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Accessibility & Why it Matters

In honor of GAAD (Global Accessibility Awareness Day), I interviewed a developer who is active in the accessibility community to gain some insights on the importance of web accessibility.

Applying for jobs, registering your vehicle, selecting classes...

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So You Just Finished a Bootcamp, Now What?

You took the plunge and here you are, a newly minted code bootcamper. You’ve endured the brain inundation of information and the inherent stress of not knowing what you’re doing. Congratulations, you’re here now and you’re still asking yourself, “What...

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The Insider Track

A guide to using kindness to elevate your conference experience.

Get your sticker collections, backup batteries and ironic nerd mashup t-shirts ready, because it’s tech conference season!

We’re gearing up for one of our favorite conferences

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Functional Templating in Ember

TL;DR – Avoid using “magically bound” internal component properties in your templates at all costs. Instead be explicit about only passing values around through actions and block params. This will engender a new level of breeziness to your UI.

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Reactive Modeling with Ember

Anyone can build great UI. There is no technology to master, only a way of thinking.

– Me in ancient Greece, presumably.

The best user interfaces are the ones that need no documentation. They are intuitive, and by the very act of using them, they...

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Programming in the Wild West

Much like revisiting a neighborhood from my youth, when I reflect on my scant few years in software I’m astonished at how much has changed.

This might have also struck you at some point. Perhaps you were even a pioneer in your community’s wild west...

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A Sprinkling of Ember

Ember isn’t just for huge ambitious single-page web applications. It’s actually really easy to sprinkle over your static or server-side-rendered web page to add just a little bit of functionality.

You can even use it in a blog. A blog like this...

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