Advanced applications that
delight your customers.

What We Offer

Operating since 2005, The Frontside is a consultancy specializing in beautiful, desktop-like experiences on the web. We are experts in Ember.js, a framework for building next-generation web applications.


We build advanced web software in Ember.js that stands up to real-world use.

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Open Source

We contribute to projects like Ember.js, and have created projects like The Ruby Racer.

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Our mission is about more than building great software, it’s about building great developers.

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How We Work

The Frontside uses tools and techniques that are a little different than you’re likely to see elsewhere. But over the last decade, they’ve proven to be the best way to rapidly deliver business value to our clients.

  • Evaluate

    We take a limited number of clients per year, so we can work with partners and projects where we offer exponential value.

  • Deliver

    We deploy to production on the first day, using tools for automated testing and Continuous Integration to ensure our software works on Day 1 and Day 1,000.

  • Build

    We draw on our deep experience with leading-edge technologies so you get ambitious applications, without the risk.

  • Deliver (and repeat)

    We believe the best tool for feedback is working software, so you always have a window onto our work. We're about delight, not surprise.